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December Newsletter

2021 Scholarship Opportunities

The SLHBA TECHNICAL/VOCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP is open to any student that will be enrolling or already enrolled into a building related industry in a Louisiana based university, community college or trade/vocational school. Scholarship award can be up to $500 towards school tuition and/or books.

The SLHBA MEMBER SCHOLARSHIP is open to a child, grandchild, adopted child or step child of an active member of SLHBA that is enrolling or is already enrolled into an university.  Major can be in any field of study but if applicant is in a Building Related Curriculum, they may be considered first for scholarship. Scholarship recipient should be currently residing in the Parishes of our Association: Assumption, Lafourche, St. Martin, St. Mary, or Terrebonne

Notice to all Builders, Remodelers, and Subcontractors


The Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors recently promulgated rules to simplify and streamline the application, examination and renewal processes for licensed contractors and those seeking to become licensed contractors. Changes made in this regard include the following.

  1. Insurance documents required for residential builders and residential specialty subcontractors, mold remediation contractors, and home improvement registrants will be collected at application and renewal time only, with contractors certifying that they will maintain continuous coverage while licensed/registered.
  2. Residential building contractors will continue to be required to meet the continuing education requirement of 6 hours per year, but will no longer be required to submit continuing education certificates to this office. The contractor will maintain their education certificates for a five-year period and provide copies to this office if requested. Contractors will certify at application and renewal time that they have complied with this requirement.
  3. Employees applying to be the Qualifying Party for a contractor will no longer be required to provide copies of payroll documents/payroll checks as evidence of employment. However, the Qualifier/Employee will be required to sign a legal affidavit, along with their employer, that they meet the 120-day mandated employment requirement.
  4. Every licensed contractor must have a minimum of one qualifying party designated as the qualifier for the Business and Law examination. The Business and Law exam will be transitioned from an online “pass or fail” test to an online course which qualifiers will be required to complete. This transition for fairness and less burdensome for the applicant is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

Please contact LSLBC for questions or more information at info@lslbc.louisiana.gov.

Enforcement Began October 1st, 2017

Effective on January 20, 2016, the LSLBC promulgated a rule adding six new specialty classifications required for those residential subcontractors who bid or perform work that exceeds $7,500.00, including labor and materials, on any new single family residential home, duplex, triplex or fourplex that is not more than three floors in height. The new specialty classifications are: residential pile driving, residential framing, residential roofing, residential masonry/stucco, residential swimming pools, and residential foundations.

Considering the numerous parts that make up a foundation of a home and in order to clarify the Board’s position as to who exactly would need to be licensed, LSLBC reiterates that any subcontractor hired to oversee the construction of a residential foundation that exceeds $7,500.00, including labor and material, would need to be licensed. In addition, the following scopes of work in excess of $7,500.00 would require licensure:

  • Forming 
  • Steel Reinforcement Placement 
  • Concrete Placement and Finishing Companies requesting these specialty licenses must complete a residential application for licensure; pass both the open book Business and Law and the specialty trade exam; and provide proof of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. 
  • A subcontractor who works under the direct supervision of a licensed residential building contractor may obtain a subcontract labor-only license. Trade examinations may be exempted by the Board if all other licensing requirements have been met:
  • Complete and submit a residential application 
  • Submit an affidavit (form is on our website) executed by a licensed residential building contractor that attests to the subcontractor’s quality of work and character 
  • Pass the open book Business and Law exam 
  • Providing proof of current General Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Residential subcontractors interested in the new specialty classification(s) can complete the residential application, learn about the fees, and find additional information on our website by visiting www.lslbc.louisiana.gov. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us (225) 765-2301 or e-mail us at info@lslbc.louisiana.gov.

Additional Plumbing Enforcement Predicted for January 1st, 2018

Enforcement is expected to increase from the State Plumbing Board of Louisiana.  Apprenticeship certification and apprentice ratios will be checked on the job site. Currently, the legal ratio is one to one for apprentices to journeymen plumbers.   Fines and penalties are anticipated with the enforcement. 

Southeastern Louisiana Home Builders Association, Inc. is a professional organization which strives to unite and represent the building industry in St. Mary, Assumption, Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes.  SLHBA is dedicated to the idea of quality housing at  affordable prices, thus protecting the "American Dream" of homeownership.

 Southeastern Louisiana Home Builders Association is a 501(c) 6 non-profit organization.

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